Monday, July 02, 2007

Abendblatt 2

Andreas just called me, he feels obliged to point out that his answer to the last question in this interview was a bit more elaborate, than just a simple "nothing". He says, he remembers telling the newspaperguys , that the American Movie-industry is too self containend to pay attention to foreign markets. The way it sounds now, is that German movies are just not good enough to be recognized. That's not what he meant. I'm glad we could put this straight.


Benjamin De Schrijver said...

Das Leben der Anderen won an Oscar though! And deservedly so. Wonderful film.

Anonymous said...

Hi Harald ! Please tell him not be worried about that. I found that answer really very amusing !!!

Oh, and by the way, he promised me to make a drawing for me. And after all these years of being a fan I still haven't got one. I think it's about time to write him an angry "geek letter" like that example that he showed us.
Just kidding !!!



HaraldSiepermann said...

I found it a couple of very pleasing and pleasant days. It was better than I had expected and not at all that chaotic as I had feared. It was great to have you and the other guys over, too bad Uli couldn't make it. Three cheeers for everybody, H