Monday, July 16, 2007

Geraldine Page/Medusa

I was watching "Sweet Bird Of Youth" yesterday night on DVD and I found it most interesting to compare Geraldine Page's acting and mannerism to Milt Kahl's animation of Medusa. It's research done the right way. Of course he analyzed her, since she was Medusa's voice, but the way he incorporated and CARICATURED her performance in this movie without copying it, is a masterpiece of animation. Do me a favor, rent it and check it out. There are so many similarities, her hands,her hair, her bare shoulders, her skin even, her jewelry, her acting, you will even find that odd "keeping-Paul-Newman-at-distance-with- the-help-of-a- leg"-gesture in there, but still it's all just used as a sprinboard, Medusa is in no way a caricature of Geraldine Page. This should be a lecture to all the mocap-guys out there: This is caricature of acting, of people, of actors-not a mere copy.
And on top of that, Geraldine Page's performance of "Being on the phone" is a masterpiece of acting in it's own right.
I will try to load this clip up on Youtube to explain more precisly, what I mean.


Florian Satzinger said...

Many, many thanks for this post.

Ken hatte mir einmal davon erzaehlt, aber ohne Bildmaterial-Unterstuetzung. Dein Post hat jetzt das Bild scharf gestellt :)

Alles Gute und viele Gruesse...

HaraldSiepermann said...

Freut mich, wenn ich helfen konnte, Ich wünschte ich könnte noch die Ausschnitte dazu hochladen, aber dazu fehlt mir das technische Verständnis. Meine Filme sind ohne Ton auf Youtube.

Tange said...

It's always interesting to see how other animators use reference and too see how Milt Karl did it is allmost twice as interesting So thanx a lot for the post.. I'm going to rent that movie tonight! :)

JC said...

your thoughts are well spoken. Kahl was a master. great blog here.

Vinyl Whores said...

Thanks for this. The Rescuer's has been my favorite Disney movie since I was a kid, in fact when asked what I wanted to be when I grew up I said Madame Medusa. I recently was noticing the similarities between actress and animation, great blog thanks again.

Vinyl Whores said...

p.s. I am desperate to see this video of her acting out the phone scene!

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