Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Christian Schellewald LA<>SF

Christian Schellewald, art director on OVER THE HEDGE and incredibly gifted production designer, has published a sketchbook with some of his LA , San Francisco sketches. The book is available through amazon under the above link. It's a must have. Amazing artwork, simply brilliant. Funny enough, Christian and I go wayyyyyyyyyyyyyy back and even went to school together, (school, mind you, not art school,... but that too ), and we shared a studio in Düsseldorf ( The notorious MadT.Party ) for a while.

Anyway, Christian is an amazing talent, go and check his book out.


A. Riabovitchev said...

Beautiful artwork!:O)

Wiebke Jünger said...

Er war heute an der Uni Essen um sich als Bewerber für die Professorenstelle Illustrstration vorzustellen. Mich haben seine Arbeiten echt beeindruckt! Ich hoffe er wird genommen. Würde mich freuen bei ihm zu lernen.

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