Tuesday, February 14, 2006

More Jippes...WORLD EXCLUSIVE !!!

...well, apart from Holland, which almost doesn't count, really.

Our friend Wout ( check out his blog under http://woutsplaatjes.blogspot.com ) and Gerben Valkema, who works with Daan, spoke to the master himself, and after some negotiations Daan gave us permission to show two non-sequential bits from his Havank-strip in this very blog. The strip is currently published, weekly I assume, in Holland's "Algemeen Dagblad" and is an hommage to an older Dutch strip, as far as I understand. Daan is worried about showing the strip on the blog might get him into trouble with future publishers, which I absolutly understand. Our thanks to Daan to grant us this little sneekpreview are accordingly high, ...no joking, three cheers for the master!!!

So you have to subscribe to the newspaper or wait till the strip is eventually published as an album, before you can see the rest of it.

I'm always amazed by Daan's talent to get into any style he wants to, really superb work, chapeau, Daan !!!!!!
And thanks again, hope to see you sometime again, H

Also many thanks to Daan's agent. For more information about Havank, please check out his website


Wout Paulussen said...

Happy I could help Harald. And thanks for mentioning my blog. One small correction.
The strip is published daily.
And more or less drawn in the same speed as far as I know. Amazing.

HaraldSiepermann said...

Thanks again wout, you're the man !

warren said...

This stuff is incredible! All done daily?! Wow. I heard Daan's name mentioned (more like it was whispered in awe) a lot at AFilm; now I know why. The guy is a monster.

ps thanks for the site address, Harald.

Matthew Cruickshank said...

This guy is a genius. Gerben Steenks put me onto the guy. A legend.

Anonymous said...

Yep, a legend!

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