Sunday, December 11, 2005

Aloha !

Hey, I just saw , that I have a reader in Hawaii or Kauhai, can't really tell,the maps not very accurate !
I'm glad you found you're way here, tell us who you are,and where you are, exactly, in case you ever come back.
I have no idea, why I am so delighted by this thought, maybe its because temperatures are below 0 here, and I am longing for an exotic beach and a cool drink.Have one for me, please, whoever you are....
So, "Aloha" from freezing Germany, glad to see you and in case we don't see each other before Xmas :

Mele Kaliki Maka !


Piotr said...

Hey! That must be me! Hawaii here is nice as expected. I live on the Big Island, so there is actually snow on our volcano mountain! It's great to check out your blog, you're a very big inspiration to my work, I'll be checking back here quite a bit.

My folio:

Boris Hiestand said...

seems like the perfect location to open a studio where all the bloggers can come to work on their projects;)

HaraldSiepermann said...

Hey Piotr !
Its great you called back. And I see that n the meantime we have another one. That's great, its great to know youre there, wish i was too.
many, many regards !!!!

Julián höek said...

hi heral. i found your blog and i'm amazed!. really incredible drawings and been able to see and read the prosses of designing a charachar inspieremed a lot specially becouse i want to be one!.
i'm making a coment in this post 'couse i saw you were happy to see someone from hawai in your blog. well my country is not that exotic like hawaiw but it's quit
far away i'm sure!
well, please keep posting specialy how do you go into the presses of creating a character.
good luck
julian from Argentina