Tuesday, November 22, 2005

Tantor and the genius of Sergio Pablos

When I started to work on Tantor, he was to be voiced by the ultimate neurotic, Woody Allen.
So I was looking for some resemblance in my first sketches. I did quite some sketches, but not as much as I did for the other characters. It just wasn't such a complicated character, I kept postponing him, other things were more important.
This was the time of the cold war between Disney and Dreamworks, and one day we were told, that Woody Allen had signed with Dreamworks for something that was to become "Antz". Apparently they had not only offered him a maincharacter, but also an opportunity to produce his comedies at DWSKG. We spoke to Wayne Knight about the role, a very good choice ultimatly.

In the original draft all elephants were neurotics. Just unable to forget anything. They were sitting around the waterhole all day long as if participating in a giant encountergroup. Above are some of the quick sketches for the minor elephants.

While I was still busy with some of the other characters, Sergio Pablos, the absolutly brilliant animator from Spain had taken over developing the character. I remember talking about Tantor to him one cherised afternoon and we spent hours praising the work of Andre Franquin and his red elephants from one of his Spirou-Comics. Sergio is running his own studio now in Spain and from what I 've seen on his website, his projects look amazing. Check out his website at http://www.animagicfilms.com/


M. Rojas P. said...

I'm afraid I don't know much, but anyway I have to tell you that I love the drawings in your blog.
Sincerely yours

UM said...

That explains the 'Franquinish' looking designs in the movie.
Great stuff as usual, Harald.

HaraldSiepermann said...

You're welcome, thank you !

Claude Bordeleau said...

Oh wow! You are an amazing designer!

St John Street said...

simply beautiful.

Stef said...

Franquin was a genius! if you have to get a book from him it's "le trombone illustre", each covers he did for that is pure genius!
Magnifique Harald.

HaraldSiepermann said...

I met him once and we talked a bit.....magic moments, H

Elliot said...

I was very taken with the books of Bill Peet as a child.
Now at the age of 31 I can't draw an elephant without first thinking of his saggy pachyderms.
I visit here everyday and your work and stories are always very useful.

Russian Insider said...

Harald, I want to thank you for info about character development in TARZAN! It is very interesting!
Do you plan to tell any stories about development of TREASURE PLANET? I would like to know more about your participation in it.

HaraldSiepermann said...

Hi Insider, if you look into the archives you will find a lot of information about Treasure Planet. Hope you like it, H


Beautiful work - I can see how you inspired Sergio with it all!

Another great elefant man was Heinrich Kley!