Tuesday, September 27, 2005



Mr. Arrows is a mineral-lifeform, a stone. I was hoping to come up with something really special. I didn't want to do just a human with a skin-problem, to avoid the human form as much as possible. The problem with a stone is , as soon as you move it, bent it, squash it, stretch it, it looses it's "stoneyness" and becomes soft. I thought , maybe it should stay firm and float , or stand in the corner on the bridge, like a real stone, his voice coming from a chasm in his "face",if it had any, why not.
What would you do, with a talking stone, if you had one ?

He could also have had a robot-arm or walking device,that would help him to move, but that was too close to Silver and his cyborg-arm.

Anyway , there's always that one drawing , that you do to illustrate, what you don't want, and in Arrow's case, it was "The Thing". I wanted to avoid that solution by all means, unfortunetly it was what Ron and John liked the most, so there you are, a stonething in a uniform....


J.p. said...
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marks said...
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mattalexander4272 said...
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Wingman said...
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Wingman said...

Too bad they have to put Spam in Blogs, too. Is your stone person a fierce or dumm or kind being? I liked the stone monster in galaxy quest where the whole character is made out of several smaller stones forming the joints.
What if he could move by not having feet but by gliding on pebbles that he can magically transfer from the rear to the front

Nick Sung said...

Oh no!
So that's the explanation behind that.
Your stone Mr. Arrows are really nice, Harald.
I think it's really great that you were trying to do something different; difficult yet appropriate and rich in character--it seems like animation seldom takes the adventurous route though...

I can just imagine the low gravelly voice emanating from this big lumbering character... Thanks for sharing your work.

Nick Sung said...

They remind me of Alex Toth!

Boris Hiestand said...

I definately like these more then what ended up on the screen- it almost seems as if they went agains everything you wanted: they squashed and stretched that character so much, and he did look like a human with a skin problem! Giving someone a big square jaw doens't make him a stone. A pity.. but that's why these blogs are so great!

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