Friday, September 02, 2005

A couple of weeks back I stumbled across an interview with Jerry Lewis on Itunes by from the 60's taken backstage during one of his TV-shows and , I tell you, it's on of the best advices on creativity, sincerity, character and character-study I ever came across, very very helpfull and I would like to recommend it to everybody . I never liked that guy, or I rather never connected to him, but I look at him with completly different eyes now.Never judge a comedian buy his movies... You can get it on CD as well. And since we're on the subject, also very helpful is Michael Caine's workshop : Acting on Film. I'm desperatly trying to get it, I saw it once , but I was far from home in a hotelroom and no VCR in sight.


Sandra Khoo said...

Two of my fave acting guys in the business. I'll definitely check out Itunes if I ever find it...thanx for the feedback!;)

David R. Darrow said...

I was able to find the Interview in the iTunes Music store here, but I am curious as to whether you're talking about the whole album, or if there is a particular cut to which you are referring.