Saturday, September 13, 2008

Sunday Hottie


Jabberwocky said...

I think Alfred J. Kwak sill is one of the best animated series ever created in Europe. A great story arc with real character development and beautiful, beautiful artwork. Having lived close to the Netherlands (from where my mother's family came), I appreciate the artistic depiction of Groot Waterland in particular.

Did Mijnheer van Veen the whole overall story plotted out from the start or did it develop during production?

HaraldSiepermann said...

Thank you Jabber, very nice words.
Yes, Herman laid the story-arc out right from the start, and then we just fleshed every single episode out,with the help of Mr. Akira Miyasake, a very sophisticated writer for japanese TV, we wrote the dialogs , boarded it , dsigned it, etc

Beate said...

....ein aufschrei aus dem zimmer meiner kleinen:
"MAAAMAAAAAA!!! auf haralds seite steht SCHWEINKRAM!!!"