Saturday, May 13, 2006

Brother Bear : Tenana, mother and misc

When we first started with the design of Tenana, the village's shaman, she looked like .... well, shamans usually look in these kind of movies until we thought , we maybe should try something else and started to make her look less like Pocahontas' grandma willow or even Yoda....

 I did some drawings in which she was tall, bald and skinny. I liked that appoach very much, but others, like Michael Eisner for example, didn't and so they went back to the original design.

The original skript included a flashback to when Sitka and Kenaii were still kids and we'd have seen their mother , too.
This is what she'd have looked like.

There never was an official designprocess for Denaii. When Chilkoot, the father, was cut from the skript and the third brother was created, the directors just picked one of the Sitka's rejected designs for him.

Misc. characters, the fireman, the mailman, the shopkeeper ....

Just a costume design...remember, those guys made their clothing themselfes, they don't buy their stuff at Urban Outfitters. I wanted to make that visible, by maybe making the right shoe different from the left one , for example, or whatever....


Nick Sung said...

Wow! There's a wealth of beautiful drawings here Harald. I thought that in many ways, Brother Bear was beautiful, and very well designed--if everything in the movie had held together better, perhaps the gorgeous stuff in these concepts wouldn't have been lost in the mix; I thought the human world was pretty weakly handled and lacked a lot of the depth these designs suggest it might have had.

In any case, great work! and thanks very much for posting.

Lubomir said...

Very cool post, thank's!

Piotr said...

Wow these images stand so well alone, very inspiring! I really adore watching your designs, very great!

Patrick Costa said...

These are all beautiful studies, I love these posts.

Goro said...

lovely characters! Too bad I missed you at the FMX.

Bernie Fuck said...

Beautiful work indeed...! :)

Russian Insider said...

This is the incredible stuff! I'm glad that you have increased the resolution of drawings. And especially I like the third drawing of Tenana where her stick is drawn by one line.
Harald, can you tell us more about twists of original story of BROTHER BEAR?
With huge respect
Alexey Kobelev

Henry Elmo Bawden said...

This is great stuff. I have really enjoyed brother bear and all the design work that went into it. It is nice to see some of the concept work.

Lee-Roy said...

These are a joy to look at. Thanks.

Samuel Michlap said...

Hi Harald, I've been a big fan of your work for too long, and just wanted to say how much I love these sketches.
Sam Michlap

UninstalledIon said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
UninstalledIon said...

I totally agree

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