Monday, March 27, 2006

Lurchi -more childhood memories

When I was a kid in Germany you would get these comicbooks free at the checkout of the Salamander-shoestore.
They were beautiful watercolors done by the then nameless artist Heinz Schubel.
These strips have influenced me so much and come to think of it , the world of Kwak is still a bit of an afterglow of these strips and their universe.

My very own, 40 year old copy.You will recognize the silhouette of one of Walt's seven dwarfes, that I put on top of it at one time, and then, years later, removed it again.....

This adventure has been removed, because it's so totally un-pc, its a pure joy's of course, still in my copy.

I recently heard rumors about a Lurchi-movie being in the works. Heaven forbid, keep your dirty, greedy hands off him !!!


The Cartoonist said...

Good grief, Lurchi! I've still got those - wonderful drawings. This was pure art. Fantastic.

UM said...

I remember those days, buying shoes with your mum, when you stuck your foot under an x-ray machine to see if the shoe did fit! But you did get a Lurchi comic at the end of it. So all that radiation exposure was worth it at the end.

060329 said...

Dear Mr. Siepermann
With all due respect of your huge artistic achievement: you seem to be facing backwards a little. I read quite a bit of bitterness in your lines and some longing for a better past. What does inspire you today? What would you like to see and participate in happening?