Monday, June 22, 2009

Winnetoons- Der Schatz Im Silbersee

A couple of weeks ago this little german feature finally made it very briefly into the theaters. Back in 2002 (!) I made some PreVis for it.
It's of course ll based on the Winnetou-movies of the sixties.


John Patrick Deza said...

Die Skizzen sind ja total geil, ich finde insbesondere winnetoons4, also die blaue Skizze richtig gut!



dwilson said...

I love the line work, it makes me wish they held onto a little of the roughness in the characters. Sacrificing quality for budget cuts :(

Thanks for sharing.

Frouwke said...

Such lovely sketches, Herr Harald! Especially of the indian guy. :)

Todd Oman said...

Really nice drawings Harald, I think the guy with blonde hair sorta looks like you from the pictures I have seen on your blog

fatemeh kashfi said...

Oh,I think the last sketch is great.