Friday, April 06, 2007

Why do the goddam yankees always have to copy our brilliant german ideas ?


Uninspired copy !

Can' they think of something funny on their own ?

On the other hand, I can perfectly see, that having a VIP stick his hand up a puppet's back is the perfect way to raise attention for intestinal cancer-check ups ;)


Ok, so we inventive, highly-creative Vorsrung Durch Technik-Germans come up with this wonderful concept of a real-life-comedian and his hilarious day to day adventures, called PASTEWKA, and what do the yanks do ?
Turning it into an uninspired mediocre sitcom starring the pathetic nobody LARRY DAVID, calling it "Curb Your Enthusiasm" or something, and what's even worse, while our version deliberatly limits itself to fellow comedians under contract of the same broadcastingstation, CYE dares to have "real" VIPs from film,politics and sports appearing in it as themselfes, how pathetic can you get?


Two weeks ago the German show around "DR. Psycho" premiered on the tellie, about a nerdy, psychotic police-psychologist, very funny, very original. What do the yanks do ?
They steel it, send it back in time and revamp to something called "Monk", and the Tommies?
Even worse, they take out the comedy part, keepp the bit about the psychologist who needs help himself, send it even further back in time and call it "Cracker ". Evil, filthy little buggers.

One Good Thing :

I'm only glad that so far nobody worldwide had the idea to copy our show "Stromberg", about this pathetic nerdy looser in an office.
And they better not dare, or I'll throw an Emmy at them!


Witzzard said...

Is both an advertisment for a prevention examination for intestinal cancer?

Or is there more behind the pictures?

I mean it wouldn't be a good idea to weigth every grain in a world of sand. And i think you would to this, if it's just about two similar looking pictures.

But excuse my opinion, i'm not working in the creative buisness and so i think, i can't understand the whole anger about lack of creativity and so on...

Boris Hiestand said...

haha, this made me laugh. Surely you know the Germans are best at stealing other people's ideas? Most comedy sketch ideas have been stolen from the british, and tv shows from the Dutch!
I suppose everyone steals from everyone.

HaraldSiepermann said...

Stealing is fine, as ong as you steal from the best, as Michael Caine put it. But I think many German producers and TV people are simply afraid to go after their own ideas, if it fails you can always say: but it worked in the US !
The talent would be there !

Witzzard said...

Isn't this (the fear of risk) a problem of every 'creative'-buisness today?

Music - why risking money on 'real' musicians when you can make an instant cash making band with some casting-show ?
Movies - why trying to come up with new stories, when you have a doozen of comic franchises you could use?
Computer Games - why trying to do something new, when you can just change a part of the graphical aspects and change the year in the title ? (Sports titles) or just take the same game concept over in another time (Battlefield)... and so on...

But okay, maybe we just tend to only see the copies and stealing while not recognizing all new things (maybe because companys don't do that much of marketing for 'new risky' things...).