Monday, January 08, 2007

Another First Day

I can't say it any better than this :

Things I wish you :

Most of all I wish you health
and that you will love many people
and that there are many,
who love you in return.

I wish you a country,
where you can live in peace
and a work you love.
Where you can savely cross the street,
where at night the cities
belong to the night
and the sky is not illuminated electrically until morning.

I wish you a house
in which you may sit at the table
with the ones you love
and windows
with a view to a horizon.

I wish you wisdom and content
when looking at a child's drawing
or a real painting
when listening to music
or when reading a book.

I wish you rustling trees,
flowers in bloom,
an acceptable amount of mosquitos,
clear, fresh water,
a dog waving it's tail,
when you come home.

I wish you,
that you may be of importance
to someone in need
that you will witness
an unexplainable enchantment.

I wish you a church,
with or without a cross,
where you may believe god.

Finally I wish you
that you will read this
and most of all,
that you will not be disappointed
by the future
already today.

Herman van Veen, Jan 2007


Boris Hiestand said...

ah Harald, you make me weep- I had all these things when I lived in Muenchen...

Now I'm in f*kin london!!!

Werbunghaufenweise said...

I had these things when I lived in London and now .......